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hazelwitch's Journal

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I am Theodora E. Lennox (some of the time). I'm 31, and I finally have a little direction in life, for real this time. I'm a full-time job-seeker and enthusiast of the Decadents, and I'm currently mired in the hallowed halls of academia; it's been a long time coming. Reading and literary discussion are a must; communication is essential to my life. I'm a pagan and proud of it, and I'm still in love...with my amazing James.
a perfect circle, accents, aestheticism, animals, art, askewniverse, astrology, athens, atlanta, austen, balance, bisexuality, blake, bouguereau, buffy, caffeine, camping, candles, cats, celtic, cemeteries, cemetery art, classic movies, classical music, clothes, coins, comparative religion, conversation, corsets, cranberries, creativity, d&d, decadence, dickens, dickinson, diet coke, discordianism, discussion, discworld, drag queens, dragon hills, dragoncon, dressup, edward gorey, eighties, england, faeries, feminism, ferrets, fire, fleetwood mac, flirting, foamy, foo fighters, friendship, fwbs, garbage, gemini, ghosts, goth, green day, halloween, harry potter, heels, honor, humor, impressionism, information, inkubus sukkubus, insomniacs, intelligence, james, jewelry, jewelrymaking, k's choice, karma, kittens, knives, korn, laughing, leather, leos, literature, lotr, love, loyalty, marilyn manson, metallica, moby, movies, museums, music, mythology, nature, new orleans, new york city, night, nightmare before christmas, nin, occult, orgy, paganism, philosophy, photography, pink floyd, poe, poetry, powerplays, pre-raphaelite art, precognition, psychology, queensofthestoneage, radiohead, reading, redheads, rem, rob zombie, samhain, savannah, sex, shakespeare, shoes, singing, sluggy freelance, smashing pumpkins, snuggling, spikes, spirituality, stones, surrealism, swords, tea, terry pratchett, the changelings, the cruxshadows, the donnas, the moon, tool, travel, uga, vampirism, van gogh, velvet, victorian studies, vinyl, voltaire, wilde, writing

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